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July 2017 Update - There is a problem with my images stored in Photobucket, who have just recently decided to no longer allow image hosting for websites etc. without a monthly payment - which I certainly cannot afford without any income.

I am hoping I can find get back my images from them (currently not available to me!) and find an alternative for the images on this site, but if it becomes too difficult, I may have to delete content or even close the site.

In the meantime, please forgive the ugly "PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT...." signs from Photobucket; I will try to eliminate as many as possible and replace with the images (if I can find them) but I don't know when or where they may pop up.  


On this site, I have been adding "odd" pages as I get them done- so far:    

Learning Letters - hints for teaching children alphabet sounds 

Learning Sight Words - ideas to help children learn common "sight words" (and letters)


Reading Games to Print - printable games (and games ideas) for children to help them learn sight words, common letter sounds etc 


 Sea Monkeys journal -  notes on raising Sea Monkeys, photos, links to good information etc... new photos coming soon


Nov 2010- new Page: eCards - free electronic "greeting" images to add to emails
I'm also working on more learn-to-read activities and games to help with reading.
Latest Games:   New printable board games for learning Sight Words-
                           Bunny Fun, Autumn Leaves, Up in the Blue
January 2011: New page - Cathy's Clipart Collection - "realistic" clipart images of animals and plants etc, made from photographs without the background.
April 2011: New Page - Clipart Collection 2 - "Clip art" -style pictures of objects, made from photographs.
                                                  New page - Clipart 3 - SketchesSimple clip art pictures of animals, plants, smileys, objects...
 May 2011: New Page - Free Drawing Program
- Online paint / Vector Paint/ SVG-Edit - some information about this free program (as I couldn't find much on the internet about it.
Good for making simple drawings on your computer.
 May 2011:
New Forum for anyone to add questions, comments or information about the main topics on this site - Sea Monkeys, Reading Games and Activities for children, and Free Drawing Programs... (Note - forum discontinued at present).
May 2011: I have also added a donations page in case anyone would like to contribute a couple of dollars to help this site...but please don't feel that it's expected in any way. I would like my resources to be freely available to as many people as possible (for non-commercial use only).
December 2011: THREATENED CLOSURE: Unfortunately, the resources in this site are becoming too popular, and  the site has been threatened with closure due to over-use!
I've added extra bandwidth for now, but any donations are most welcome to keep the site open and the resources freely available.
Please use the DONATE link if you would like to help out with a couple of dollars or more.
January 2012: in order to keep the site open, I have introduced a Premium Access page for printable games... some are still available for free, but for just a $5 donation you can gain access to the full current range of printable games.
I have also set up a Facebook page to highlight the contents of, and additions to, my 'educational' sites, including and

I have many years' experience as a pre-school teacher and primary school reading intervention teacher, so I've developed a range of strategies and games to motivate and assist children with pre-reading and reading skills.
I couldn't find suitable games on the internet, so I made my own. The children really enjoy them, so I thought I'd share them for other teachers, parents or carers to use.
It's a slow process translating these ideas and games to share on the internet, and this is a fairly new site, so if you've come across this and are wanting games etc, leave a note in my guestbook or sign up as a member and that will get me working sooner! (Also check out my site).
If you join as a member and let me know what you're interested in, I will try to remember to let you know as I add new games etc.
All resources on this site are free for you to use for personal/educational (strictly non-commercial) use. They may not be distributed as part of a collection without my written consent.
This is now a "premium" site so it has no ads and should be completely child-friendly, but please note that it may contain links to other sites and of course parents should always supervise their children's internet access :) 


My Other Websites with Free Resources

This site has been set up to complement my other free activities sites: - free jigsaw puzzles,  stories for kids, printable mini-books, simple crosswords and cryptograms, plus lots more... and links to other great free sites

alphabet rhymes/"personal poems"-

Dozens of fun rhymes for hundreds of kids' names...

 find a poem for your child or use them as a focus for teaching alphabet sounds.

- songs to play on acoustic guitar (and some for ukulele)  with chord diagrams;

- includes old favourites, children's songs, Christmas songs

- also learn-to-play hints and sequenced songs in levels for beginners

- free "first chord chart" and a "key changer" to print and make.





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